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Headquartered in Grayton Beach, Florida, VIE magazine was conceptualized in 2007 and founded in 2008 as a Northwest Florida regional luxury lifestyle publication that grew its readership and distribution over the following years in southeastern feeder markets of Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville, Birmingham, Charleston, and beyond. VIE has been sold in the feeder market airports of Atlanta, Orlando, Memphis, Nashville, Baltimore/DC, Houston, and, most recently, at JFK International, Chicago O’Hare International, Chicago Midway International, and Philadelphia International. In addition, VIE is on newsstands and in bookstores across the country. A national sales tour in 2017 to Birmingham, Nashville, Charleston, New Orleans, and Boston is slated for meet and greets as the magazine continues to embed itself in various communities that will continue to do so in the coming years.


The creative intent behind VIE was to create a magazine publishing stories that were not being told by others. VIE strives for longer, more in-depth articles with rich photography to visually tell stories about people doing good in their respective communities, telling the story of the everyman instead of just celebrities as so many other magazines do. Philanthropy, culture, art, music, fashion, travel, and more can be found within its pages and online. VIE has showcased several high-profile celebrities in its pages, but that is not the core of the magazine—it is telling stories with heart and soul, as well as offering the reader a more meaningful experience.


CMA’s objective as the creator and publisher of VIE was to stay in business and continue in its craft as a team of creative thinkers, and we ended up growing two businesses against all odds.


VIE is a luxury lifestyle brand that transcends age, gender, socioeconomic demographics, and politics. The passion behind the magazine was to also be a creative outlet for all of the staff employed at CMA so everyone could spread their creative wings. When the 2008 recession hit, our boutique lost several large clients, and therefore our contracts came to an end as well. How was a staff of talented writers, designers, website developers, photographers, and marketing executives going to keep the business going? We started a magazine, and the rest is history.


We have a strong readership base from 14 years of age to 80 with a mean age of 40. There is a slight skew toward females, yet we still are able to reach men that actively read VIE as well.



VIE Magazine includes national stories on fashion, culture, travel, and more and has a distribution of 35,000 copies per issue. The magazine is distributed throughout the country and sold on newsstands in the following airports: John F. Kennedy International (New York), Boston Logan International, O’Hare International and Midway International (Chicago), Philadelphia International, Baltimore–Washington International, Houston Hobby, Memphis International, Nashville International, Orlando International, and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International. VIE is also sold in Publix Supermarket locations, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million, as well as on newsstands in New York City near Penn Station, to name a few. VIE is known for its unique editorial approach—a broad spectrum of deep content with rich photography.


From the finest high-gloss magazines to paperless digital publication and distribution, The Idea Boutique provided comprehensive publishing services to VIE Magazine. We deliver a complete experience—from content creation and the initial review of its manuscript through to distribution. As the publisher of VIE, we’re meticulous in our conception, design, and writing services; these skills are a benefit to our clients’ publishing endeavors, as we have the heart and soul it takes to publish quality products. With photographers, designers, writers, and editors on staff, we are well equipped to take publishing projects from start to finish.


The creation of VIE was birthed to sustain the company during the recession when many businesses had reduced marketing budgets. A creative team and nimble group of marketers thought, “How hard could it be?” It was a challenge, but a welcomed one, and continues to be a creative outlet to showcase our work and our ability to take a brand from concept to completion. We have grown VIE since its inception in late 2007 and embarked on national distribution in 2017. VIE proved to be a great lead generator for our marketing boutique and secured countless marketing clients over the years, generating millions of dollars. We grew our company during the recession with tenacity, branding prowess, and the ability to forecast trends.


What started out as a supplemental income to CMA, VIE actually forecasted a trend in lifestyle publications across the world. Winning over 30 ADDY Awards since its fruition and numerous regional and national awards, VIE has truly evolved in representing the lifestyle it portrays—glamorous, quality, rich, and substantial. VIE’s distribution has more than doubled in size and gone from local and regional locations to worldwide locations. Page count and advertisers have also tripled since the first issue. Starting in 2017, due to persistent demand for new issues and features, VIE evolved from a bimonthly to a monthly publication.


A byproduct of this endeavor that was not predicted was that so many people loved the magazine and thought it was creative that they hired us to market and brand their businesses, so we grew the marketing side and birthed a publishing house at the same time with creative survival instincts as our only guide. Since the opening of VIE, we’ve published seven magazines for other companies and two hardcover coffee-table books. We also opened a satellite office in Connemara, Ireland, in 2014, where we own and publish an annual lifestyle magazine called Connemara Life, as well.

Project: Cover Photoshoots

Project: Laurie Hood Alaqua Animal Refuge Editorial Shoot – August 2018 Animal Issue

Project: Ashley Longshore Bergdorf Goodman Editorial Shoot – May 2018 Couture Issue

Project: SWFW Pasporte Editorial Feature – March/April 2017 The Culinary & Couture Issue

Project: Ballynahinch Editorial Feature – November/December 2016 The Sophisticate Issue

Project: Christian Siriano Editorial Feature – September/October 2016 Home & Decor Issue

Project: Mike Ragsdale Editorial Feature – July/August 2016 The Modern Minimalist Issue

Project: Cayce Collins Swimwear Editorial Feature – May/June 2016 Summertime Issue

Project: SWFW Tieler James Editorial Feature – March/April 2016 The Culinary & Couture Issue

Project: Editorial Feature Celebrating Sinfonia Gulf Coast’s 10-Year Anniversary, featuring Kristin Chenoweth and Christian Siriano’s Designs Photoshoot

Project: SWFW Romney Roe Editorial Feature – March/April 2015 The Food & Fashion Issue

Project: Laurie Hood Editorial Feature – September/October 2014 The Animal Issue

Project: Emeril Lagasse Editorial Feature – March/April 2014 The Food & Fashion Issue

Project: Maison de VIE Editorial Feature – September/October 2013 The Home and Garden Issue

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