VIE Magazine Voted Top 50 Best Luxury Media in the World

VIE is proud to announce it’s been selected as one of the Top 50 Best Luxury Magazines in the world by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. VIE magazine sets itself apart as a high-gloss publication focusing on human-interest “Stories with Heart and Soul.” VIE is known for its unique editorial approach as an inspirational luxury lifestyle magazine for everyone, everywhere, on a mission to add beauty to the world. The award-winning monthly title was founded in 2008 and is produced by the specialty publishing and branding house The Idea Boutique (


[the_blockquote]“It’s our great honor to be included among such a prestigious collection of media around the globe,” shares VIE‘s founder and CEO/editor-in-chief, Lisa Marie Burwell. “For VIE to be voted as part of the Top 50 Luxury Global Media and be in the company of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Dwell, and more is a dream after fifteen years of carefully curating our luxury brand.”[/the_blockquote]

Lisa Marie Burwell VIE Magazine CEO

VIE founder and CEO/editor-in-chief, Lisa Marie Burwell | Photo by Romona Robbins


The luxury industry is in constant evolution, delivering exclusive products and services of exceptional quality to the most discerning audiences. Media coverage of the various sectors of the industry is also an art that requires deep involvement, a high degree of professionalism, and a perfect understanding of the brands and the needs of the audience. Leading media resources offer the most effective tools for premium advertising campaigns that target high-net-worth individuals and affluent consumers. An in-depth understanding of online and offline media and rigorous research has enabled the Luxury Lifestyle Awards to honor the best performers in the sector and present the Top 50 Best Luxury Media in the World for 2023.

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The experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards have compiled a comprehensive overview of the best media for affluent audiences. The resources featured on the list cover all aspects of the luxury lifestyle, offering readers fascinating insights into the most exciting experiences available to UHNWIs. Among the 50 most trusted and expert print titles and websites, you’ll find those that specialize in local markets and those that cover global industry trends.

As reliable and trusted sources of information and communication, luxury media also offers an attractive array of marketing and promotional campaigns. The impeccable visual style harmonizes with engaging textual content, engendering readers’ confidence in the products and experiences that the media is telling them about. Partnering with such high-end media attracts luxury brands with the opportunity to broaden their audience and present their offer to those who might be interested in it in the most appealing and profitable way possible.




The research conducted by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards was not limited to a particular media theme, and the TOP 50 includes media covering all aspects of an affluent lifestyle. The wide range of topics (including hospitality, travel destinations, architecture, real estate, interior design, cars, yachts, jewelry, watches, spirits, fashion, etc.) gives a wide choice and ensures that readers and advertisers alike can find what they are interested in.

View the full Global Luxury Winners Report on the luxury media market research conducted by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards by clicking here.


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