VIE Magazine Faux Wedding Photo Shoot

Planning a Photo Shoot

Inspiration and Preparation


You’re making a magazine or an ad campaign. You need a photo shoot that depicts a certain fashion, event, or lifestyle. Great, so what comes next?


At The Idea Boutique, we plan and execute photo shoots of all kinds for our clients and our own publications such as VIE Magazine and Connemara Life. The inspiration from a photo shoot can arise from different situations. Either it is a need to showcase products or places in our magazine, or a sudden burst of an idea that comes to fruition in the form of a photo shoot.


However the need arises, there is still planning involved in creating a top-notch shoot. Once the initial plan for the look and feel of the shoot is decided, that is when we turn to life for more ideas. We may see something in a store that would be perfect for the shoot, such as a piece of clothing or an accessory. We may scour the internet on sites such as Pinterest and Etsy to find hairstyles, poses, and outfit inspiration for our models. We may travel an area to scout out the perfect locations to capture the essence of the story we’re trying to tell with the shoot.


All of these things often come together in an inspiration board, so we can share them with our clients and get feedback from those who will be involved. A few of our most recent shoots have inspiration boards on Pinterest:


VIE 2013 March/April Cover and Feature Article – The Food and Fashion Issue



VIE Magazine Equestrian Pinterest Board


Final Product:


VIE Magazine March April 2013 Food and Fashion Issue


Mexico Beach 2014 Wedding Commercial




Mexico Beach Wedding VIE Magazine Photo Shoot Inspiration


Final Product:



Portofino Life 2015 Cover and Feature Article



Portofino Life Magazine Pinterest Ideas


Final Product:


Portofino Life 2015 magazine cover


VIE 2015 May/June Wedding Issue Article – The Faux Wedding



VIE Magazine Faux Wedding Pinterest Board


Final Product:



Connemara Life 2015 Cover and Feature Article



Connemara Life Fashion Lifestyle Photo Shoot Inspiration


Final Product:


Connemara Life Clifton Fashion Article


And concept boards that have been created by our designers:


Connemara Life Cover Concept

Connemara Life 2015 Cover and Feature Article:


Connemara Life Magazine 2015 Front Cover



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The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business
The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business