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What Our Partners Are Saying

“The magazine arrived, and it looks totally fabulous! I truly don’t deserve the all-star treatment. You did an amazing job all-round. There’s also a ton of other stuff I want to read, by the way. Huge bravos!”


—Tina Brown, Editor, Author, Podcast Host, Founder and CEO of Tina Brown Live Media, and Founder of Women in the World

“I’ve known Lisa Burwell, owner and founder of VIE magazine, for many years now and have both been featured in the magazine and included in their VIE Speaks series. I’ve always felt that VIE was a premium example of a publication that stays committed to both breaking boundaries, highlighting global culture, art, design, and technology while maintaining integrity, interest, and connection with artisans and experiences.”


—Shantell Martin, Artist

“Our company, E. F. San Juan, Inc., specializes in the manufacture of highly custom wood millwork and cabinetry. For the past decade, VIE magazine has been an integral part of our print advertising. As a result of the trust and confidence developed over the years with the team at VIE, we determined that this group of professionals could work with us to elevate recognition of our brand to new heights. Today, The Idea Boutique manages all of our company’s marketing needs. The work they do on our behalf is first-class in every way, and we could not be more pleased with the results we see on a daily basis. We are a company that specializes in details, and our partners at The Idea Boutique and VIE are the perfect match, reflecting this quality in all the work they perform to represent the E. F. San Juan brand to our market. If you wish to elevate your brand and you seek to partner with a team of professionals who are dedicated to their craft and who strive for perfection in all they do, you must consult with our good friends at The Idea Boutique and VIE magazine. It will be one of the best business decisions you make.


—Edward A. San Juan, President of E. F. San Juan

“I wanted to personally thank Lisa and Gerald Burwell and the team at VIE for the ads they have all helped create for Christ & Associates. Jamie and I have really enjoyed seeing them every month, and the article from the October 2019 issue was really great. I feel that it truly highlighted my work over the years in such a way—I personally believe I wouldn’t have ever been able to gather the right words like your team did, so, thank you.


Despite my lack of knowledge of the marketing world, one thing I’m certain of is that the team at VIE truly knows what to do to make someone feel like they’re shining (again). I look forward to continuing our work relationship.”


—Tom Christ, Owner/Principal of Christ & Associates Architects

“Alys Beach’s longtime partnership with VIE is more than just a vendor/client transaction, more than just us placing ads in a beautiful publication. It is a true relationship that has organically and authentically grown over the years into an ongoing exchange of ideas, inspirations, content, and experiences between two like-minded organizations working seamlessly together to deliver impactful, entertaining, and interesting content through a variety of efforts. We are grateful for our partnership with VIE, appreciate their commitment to telling the Alys Beach story, and always look forward to new ideas and opportunities to grow our relationship!”


—Stacy Hamilton, VP of Marketing and Communications for Alys Beach

VIE Magazine harks back to a golden era of editorial and beauty publications, where elegance, substance, and glamour live in harmony. In a time when other publications are getting smaller and less substantive, VIE maintains its vision and quality. VIE’s founder, Lisa Burwell, is the epitome of a boss, and she has championed me and my career from the very beginning. I feel so honored to have been on the cover once, within the pages two other times, and to have been involved with photo shoots to experience Lisa’s incredible leadership and passion firsthand. Like the saying goes, ‘The fish rots from the head,’ and without a visionary leader, no organization can succeed. I look forward to every issue of the magazine and to many more years of creativity and beauty within!”


—Morgan James, Recording Artist and Broadway Alumna

“The VIE magazine article highlighting Mercy Multiplied and its founder and president, Nancy Alcorn, has been a great resource for the ministry to spread the word about who we are and what we do. This article has helped us reach new audiences and bring new awareness to the organization. As a nonprofit that is completely funded by donations and which offers services free-of-charge to its residents, we rely on highly respected publications like VIE to help us spread the word about our mission. This article gives a great overview of our organization, and the feedback from our supporters about the article has been very encouraging. We are so thankful to VIE magazine for featuring Mercy Multiplied and salute them in the positive impact they are making in media!”


—Nancy Alcorn, Founder/President of Mercy Multiplied

“I love writing monthly VIE columns and feel honored to cover different topics and be included in one of the only remaining luxury magazines in the country. It’s especially gratifying to come across the magazine in many different places, such as in the ABC TV Green Room, high-end spas, luxury inns, and living rooms in some of the nicest homes in Charleston, New York, DC, and Connecticut.”


—Suzanne Pollak, Dean of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits

“It was a large goal of mine to be included in VIE magazine, so when the opportunity came, I was beyond excited. After working with VIE / The Idea Boutique for over six months, my experience has been nothing short of outstanding! The staff has been incredibly easy to work with and extremely helpful throughout the process. Because the magazine’s readership aligns with my target customers, my advertisements and articles have reached people that I could not reach alone. I have seen real impressions from customers and many strangers, which confirms the social credibility that VIE has given my business! I am truly grateful to have a partnership with such an incredible team and magazine.”


—Jonah Allen, Photographer

“Working with VIE has enriched my experience as a freelance writer. When I moved to Santa Rosa Beach full time, VIE was the first magazine I introduced myself to. I was very familiar with their work and collected issues over the years as a reader, knowing one day I would become a local and have my work published through them. Their portfolio shines with thoughtful, authentic, and deserving storytelling from all over the world. No detail goes unnoticed in the design, from the cover to the masthead. Every time I pick up a copy, I learn something. Jordan is a delight to work with, and I appreciate the team’s effort to develop relationships in the community through various projects.”


—Anna Klement, Writer

Just one look, and you‘re hooked: the quality paper, the vivid photography, the timely coverage—not to overlook the high quality advertising. Since its inaugural issue, VIE has run stories from the world of highest fashion, from exotic and home-grown places to travel, and from the heart of music and entertainment. As for this molder of words into concepts, concepts into humor, and humor into pieces designed to bring readers into my world, VIE has been my ideal setting, with all its verbal twists and turns. Working with Jordan and illustrators is a pure joy, and I have the emails to prove it.”


—Nicholas S. Racheotes, Writer

“As I travel the world in search of the best places to visit, I am thrilled to be representing VIE magazine as a contributing writer. It’s always fun to show people the beautiful and interesting content in the magazine and share information about Northwest Florida, a region of the US that they might not know. As a contributor, I feel valued and respected by the editorial staff, and that helps me tap into my best self as a creative so I can produce thought-provoking travel features for the readers of VIE.”


—Carolyn O’Neil, Writer

“Driven by collaboration, VIE magazine delivers a world unto itself—a sort of Alice in Wonderland world where everyone and everything appear more luminous and grand. But don’t be fooled; beyond the rabbit hole of wonder and delight is a team of esteemed creatives. VIE and The Idea Boutique’s think tank is emblematic of a collective creative mind. Each publication encapsulates the team’s golden alchemy inside its glossy pages. Step into VIE headquarters, and this effervescence is palpable. It kind of reminds you of fine champagne (and if you get there on the right day, you might find yourself clinking a toast to their latest celebratory event). Their secret sauce? It’s not so secret: heart with a whole bunch of soul. Acclaimed photographers, models, musicians, misfits, fire-starters, and trailblazers all come together and just give it all they’ve got. They put it all out there. VIE stories are soulful, in-depth narratives that remind us that life is about connection. It is a true honor to partner with VIE magazine, as I believe it to be a brand beyond a brand. It’s an emblematic depiction of our modern-day culture while it evolves and defines the next.”


—Solange Jazayeri, Writer

I could go on and on about the talent , insight, and creativity buzzing wildly from the team at VIE and The Idea Boutique, but what it comes down to is their innate ability to connect. Sometimes I laugh that they are reading our minds, as they know us so well! We are consistently impressed with every new ad and the tangible stories within every issue of VIE. We are so happy for the amazing friendship we’ve developed with Lisa and her team over the years!”


—Suzy Accola, Owner and Founder of Q Tile

VIE magazine and The Idea Boutique are the whole package! Not only are the products they produce top-notch, but the team behind them is wonderful. Through working on various projects with them during the past five years, they truly have become like family. Love my VIE fam!”


—Brenna Kneiss, Photographer

“I’ve known and worked with Lisa Burwell and The Idea Boutique team for well over ten years. As a vacation rental manager, it’s tough to find an agency that takes a deep dive into a niche market to really understand our specific wants and needs. From day one, this team had no hesitation with providing us with all the tools we needed to launch a fresh marketing perspective, giving our guests and owners the satisfaction of knowing we are staying up to date on the latest trends, technology, and marketing strategies. With The Idea Boutique having their own luxury magazine brand, VIE, we were able to capitalize on new market exposure by advertising with them. They were also the brains behind conceptualizing and executing our own in-room magazine, Goin’ to the Beach®. Their creativity and innovation surpass any other agency I’ve worked with in my 30-plus years in the industry.”


—Paul Wohlford, Vice President of Business Development, Sales & Marketing for Resort Collection

The Idea Boutique created Howard Group’s new website. From beginning to end, this experience has been superb. The team, first and foremost, is creative and knowledgeable. Their professionalism and savvy ideas, along with great attitudes, made the development process of our website seamless and fun. Changes are normal in designing, and The Idea Boutique gets that! The team represents collaboration at its finest. Our newly launched website truly reflects our company’s history and vision. The Idea Boutique used its expertise to bring our digital brand to life. We highly recommend this dynamic agency to anyone needing a quality website.”


—Myra Williams and Lynn Wesson, The Howard Group

“Writing for VIE is my joy and privilege. In covering a great variety of topics (compelling people, places, events, initiatives, and more), I enjoy a breadth of creative freedom. My stories are then published how I wrote them and superbly enhanced in spectacular layouts with stunning photography. On top of everything, Lisa Burwell and her stellar team are intentional in using their talents to uplift others. What goes around, comes around. When they introduce me to subjects or sources, I’m always in good company.”


—Sallie Boyles, Writer

“I have been a fan of VIE magazine since it’s birth back in 2008 and constantly look forward to each new, exquisite issue. Lisa and Gerald Burwell are not only personal friends, but consummate professionals who have shone a spotlight on our beautiful community for all the world to see. As a local pastor I have enjoyed the articles featuring the work of local non-profits and businesses as well as the fascinating stories showcasing the lives of so many interesting people who are impacting our community and our world. I was excited to be featured in the December 2019 Women’s issue. Wow! What an honor! Working with their team was a dream. I was so blessed to see the far reaching response the article enjoyed. If you want to take your business to another level of exposure, excellence and creativity, I can’t recommend the team at VIE and The Ideas Boutique enough. Connecting with them will be a decision you will be grateful you made for many years to come.”


—Jane Hamon, Pastor of Vision Church at Christian International

“First and foremost, this magazine is so beautiful and so special. What they have built, the editorial content, the creative content—it is such a wonderful magazine to read. I’ve never thrown away an issue. On another note, I’ve had the honor to be featured as a cover artist on the magazines. The response from my collectors, as well as new business, was tremendous. Literally, my email was dinging so much; I could’ve made the hottest club song of the summer with the dings alone. It is so well done and such an absolutely professional, beautiful platform for editorial. I’m not only honored to have been in this magazine so many times, but again, by the response from people, and the readers are so loyal. I just can’t say enough about it—I love it. I absolutely love it!”


—Ashley Longshore, Artist

“Working with VIE magazine was a dream bucket-list item I didn’t know I had. When I was approached by their team, I felt an immediate connection and immense support. I never thought in a million years I would be ‘cover girl’ material, and they made me feel absolutely on top of the world. They recognized the hard work I had been putting into my company for the last six years and came with loving arms to support Tribe Kelley’s story. I have never had a media outlet come to me with such love and support, ever. In fact, VIE magazine has been my favorite magazine and team to work with as they break down any preconceived thoughts of typical media outlets. They built me up as a woman business owner and recognized something I didn’t even see in myself. I am forever grateful for my VIE magazine Tribe.”


—Brittney Kelley, Founder/CEO of Tribe Kelley

“Working with VIE is a pure pleasure. Everyone we work with is professional, eager to help, and pleasant to work with. The finished product is consistently outstanding and a fantastic representation of our business. VIE magazine is an asset for The Zoo Gallery and something we could not be more proud to be a part of.


—Baxter Wilson, The Zoo Gallery

“I have been advertising with VIE magazine since the day I opened my doors in 2007. They have always treated my business as if it were their own. Their editorial content is second to none, as are their photos and overall quality of the magazine. As Firefly is one of the few fine dining restaurants in Panama City Beach, VIE magazine attracts the higher-end clientele that I’m trying to reach. They also do a fantastic job with my website, providing great photos, content, and customer service. The Florida Panhandle is a special place, and nobody showcases what we have to offer better than VIE!”


—Dave Trepanier, Owner of Firefly Restaurant

“I am the no-tech, no-computer, not ‘up with the times’ person. The team at VIE / The Idea Boutique makes this ‘not important’ by taking over and implementing whatever idea, thought, plan, or project that we have—from creating invitations and business cards to designing and keeping up our website, writing articles, blogs, and social media blasts, creating all of our print ads (not just for VIE magazine), creating our logo and our branding, and pretty much being there as support, advice, and a means to carry out all of the marketing, advertising, branding, creative, and print needs we could ever have.


I love the VIE / Idea Boutique team. I love that each team member has a role, so I know who to go to for what question or need. Everyone on the team is super quick to respond and super quick to get the job done, all with a smile. I love that they will meet with me or our team in person anytime we ask. This means a lot in our current world of ‘too busy-ness.’ The number of times they have saved me is incredible. We would have to hire someone full-time to do what VIE / The Idea Boutique does for us. I am able to handle all my other responsibilities knowing that they are taking care of what needs to be done in all of the areas above.


Thank you for being our friends in the process of our business relationship.”


—Hope Lovelace, Business Manager for Lovelace Interiors

VIE / The Idea Boutique has helped our business, Extra Ordinary Delights, grow from a small local company to have a national presence in a few short years. We are beyond grateful for Lisa Burwell and her entire team. They bring so much talent to the table and will work tirelessly on your project, ensuring your business is represented to its full capacity. Whether they design your logo, build a website, feature you in their publications, or completely redesign your brand, they can do it all and they do it extremely well.”


—McKayla Hale, Extra Ordinary Delights

“Recently, I was contacted about having a small feature (an interview and some photography of mine) in VIE magazine (January 2020 issue). I was instantly interested in profiling myself in the beautiful travel issue for VIEas not only a marketing tool but also as a time stamp on my career. Dealing with everyone from the magazine was super easy, with great response, and the back and forth of sending questions, answers, photography, etc., was so easy. I’d gladly recommend collaborating with VIE and I hope to continue to work on projects or shoots with them in the future. Thanks for having me be a part of this beautiful issue.”


—Douglas Lyle Thompson, Photographer

“I loved working with the people at VIE magazine. I was beside myself when they asked if they could do an article about me and my art. I adore Lisa Burwell and Jordan Staggs—they are just the best! I was thrilled with the writer, Sallie Boyles. What was supposed to be a one-hour phone interview went on for over three hours and ended up in a new friendship. The magazine itself is so beautiful; it’s my favorite of all the ones I get (and not just because they did an article on me). It is printed on beautiful paper, and the articles are always interesting, well written, and cover so many topics and places. It is the only magazine that, when I am done reading, I never throw it away. I have every copy that I have ever gotten. If you don’t have a subscription, you should! I always look forward to the day I find VIE in my mailbox.”


—Beth Picard, Artist

“The team at both The Idea Boutique and VIE Magazine has helped create a marketing platform for Mexico Beach, Florida, that continues to achieve success. We have achieved so much during our partnership, and the creativity that has derived from our collaborations has allowed not only our vision but our voice to be discovered. The level of professionalism, along with a sense of at-home comfort, can be felt by all those under this creative umbrella. We are thankful to work alongside this magnificently creative group, and Mexico Beach will be forever grateful.”


—Kimberly Shoaf, Mexico Beach Community Development Council

“Working with VIE has been a brilliant experience as a photographer! Their editorial viewpoint on lifestyle and culture is all about the heart-and-soul connection, and it’s evident in how they hire, commission, and work with creatives to choose images that support the best story possible. I’m thrilled to have the cover story for the first issue of 2020 and can’t wait to create with them again.”


—Paul Morejón, Photographer

“Over the years, I have had the honor and privilege of working on many fun and exciting creative photography projects with VIE and The Idea Boutique team. My assignments covered an array of interesting topics: food, fashion, architecture, interior design, and travel, to mention a few. They put their hearts and souls into producing the most innovative body of works for both their clients and audience. Simply put, I absolutely love working with them—and they know how to deliver the goods!”


—Romona Robbins, Photographer

“Love VIE magazine! We have been lucky to have partnered with this publication in the early stages of our business. I showed my collection at South Walton Fashion Week’s Emerging Designer competition and, despite not winning, was assured by Lisa Burwell to keep doing what I was doing. Those little shots in the arm are what keep you moving forward, so I was elated to get a feature in VIE magazine a few months later. Through our event partnership in Nashville, VIE has always remained on our radar (Those email newsletters help! Sign up if you haven’t!), and we hope to be involved again in the future!”


—Andrew Clancey, Owner/Designer of Any Old Iron

VIE magazine is a team of amazing individuals who treat you like family and take the time to really understand who you are and what you stand for. The article that they wrote about my artwork touched and moved me in a way that no other magazine has done to date. They take the time to really learn about who you are and what you stand for and create a magical experience not only for the reader but also for the individuals they work with.”


—Heather Freitas, Artist

“Like a beautifully choreographed ballet, VIE is graceful and sophisticated. Its stunning imagery and artfully crafted narratives leave you wanting more with each turn of the page. It is truly one of the most impeccably designed publications you will find and is the epitome of everything bold that life has to offer. It undoubtedly resonates with our patrons, but it’s so much more than a way to get out our message. For the Northwest Florida Ballet, VIE is a community partner that is a reflection of a shared passion for arts and culture. We are so thankful for everything Lisa Burwell and her incredible team have done and continue to do for NFB, as well as for many other nonprofit arts organizations in our area.”


—Todd Allen, Artistic Director and CEO of Northwest Florida Ballet

“Working with VIE was one of the highlights of my artistic career. The cover story about me that they published in 2017 honestly brought tears to my eyes. Everything they do, from the stories to the photography, is done with excellence. The entire staff, especially Lisa Burwell, is very caring, encouraging, and professional. VIE definitely made me believe in the power of print media.”


—Andy Saczynski, Artist

“I first met Lisa the year VIE sponsored an event with Tina Brown, the former editor of Vanity Fair, for the Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. What immediately stood out about Lisa was her genuine warmth, open heart, and the positive energy from the VIE team standing by. Lisa handed me a stack of magazines and told me to call her. As a writer, it was a moment I felt would transform my life. And it has. After reading the first few pages of the magazine, I noticed how much VIE values its readers and writers! The magazine is a celebration of creatives with stories that make a difference. A collaboration with artists through powerful imagery and those who pen the words. A true reflection of its founders and team. It took me months to find the perfect story to match and, with a lump in my throat, I carefully wrote a pitch and hit send. Soon after, Lisa accepted, and it’s still one of the highlights of my professional career. VIE magazine is like a big stylish family who stimulates and supports new ideas, perspectives, and storytelling. I continue to pinch myself that I’m in the fold and hope to contribute valuable content to this beautiful publication and its readers for years to come.”


—Megan Waldrep, Writer

First of all, I just want your readers to know that everyone at VIE, (specially their fearless leader and epitome of a role model for a lot of women and men out there, Lisa) are some of the kindest, most loving people I have had the pleasure of working with. They are caring and warm, it made me want to open up about myself, which isn’t an easy task for me. Working with VIE has not only given me a new audience, a new social media following, and more eyes on my work as an artist, but it has also given me a wider platform to talk about an issue that is near and dear to my heart—mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it.


I have never talked about my struggle with clinical depression and severe panic attacks that openly before, but talking about it and reading it in print felt very freeing. What’s the most valuable for me are the messages I get from people I do not know—asking questions, sharing their stories of depression or stories from people they know, from their neighbors, and from their hearts.


An example I still think about this to this day: I received a message from someone I do not know whose best friend’s son committed suicide at a young age. I was heartbroken for them, as I am sure that the pain and confusion they felt was immeasurable. His email was full of questions. I could feel he was yearning to understand depression, wanting to directly ask someone who is going through it, wondering why someone would resort to taking his own life out of depression and if they could have done anything else. I have to be honest, I thought it was brave of him to be raw and message a stranger, but maybe reading my story from VIE (I’ve only talked about my condition with VIE exclusively) made him feel like he could open up to a stranger, which I did not mind at all. I told him I didn’t have the technical tools and the medical knowledge to answer him but I could only answer honestly, from experience and from my heart, the best that I could. I then directed him to a list of professionals he could connect with for a better grasp of things. To me, being able to touch even just one person through my story is worth more than any amount of recognition or paintings sold. It’s inspiring.


Thank you to everyone at VIE. You have big hearts.”


—Vin Servillon, Artist

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