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Digital Graffiti – The VIE Lawn Party

Digital Graffiti is a one-of-a-kind annual projection art festival held amongst the elegant white walls of Alys Beach, where thousands of individuals come to appreciate the digital arts. It has received international acclaim, acknowledged by CODAawards as a recipient of their 2021 Merit Award, highlighting projects that “successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces”. For the past fourteen years, VIE and The Idea Boutique have collaborated with Alys Beach to put on the official welcoming party for the event, where the event winners are announced and guests mingle before exploring the installations. In 2022, we executed the most successful event to date, “The VIE Lawn Party,” which played on the themes of an eloquent garden party meets artisan market. The name “The VIE Lawn Party” was initially coined out of awareness of the, at the time, preppy, polo-club style that had infiltrated social media feeds and fashion runways. We played off this theme to create a playful yet refined pink logo featuring a bumblebee adorned with pink roses. Bringing in local vendors, including a french champagne cart, luxury orchid stand, and local artists, we gave the event an added layer of an upscale French market atmosphere. The night’s entertainment, a classical duo, derived inspiration from the Netflix phenomenon, Bridgerton, known for its classical renditions of contemporary songs. Social media posts, email marketing, advertisements, quippy copywriting, and an outfit mood board—inspiring guests to don their best springtime attire, generated significant community buzz. Then, when it was time for the event, an incredible turnout created an intangible sense of magic in the air as guests sipped on champagne while strolling through the market filled with luxury keepsakes.

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The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business