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Firefly PCB

The Idea Boutique leaders met with longtime client and friend Dave Trepanier, owner of Firefly restaurant and sushi bar, to discuss building a new website for the casual fine-dining destination. Firefly is a crowd favorite among locals and visitors alike, so we knew we had to create a new website that would show off the extensive menu, fabulous wine list, and stunning atmosphere. The first step was to plan and execute a new photo shoot that would show off the restaurant, its food and beverages, and more. We wanted to showcase a creative side, so we partnered with a photographer who could take dynamic food shots that also played up the high-quality fresh ingredients and seafood offered at Firefly. These images give a more in-depth look into the restaurant’s ethos and commitment to excellence than standard plated food shots. Firefly has won numerous awards throughout its lifetime, so we made sure the website audience would immediately be drawn in by those incredible ingredients and the beautiful ambiance of the “big tree” with its shimmering firefly lights in the main dining room.

The website was built to be fully mobile responsive so viewers could browse the gallery, menu, restaurant tour, wine list, and catering information, as well as make reservations from any device. We implemented storytelling throughout the website with snippets of descriptive and useful information that would be easy for customers to navigate. The site is simple and elegant, yet reflects a sense of creativity found in Firefly’s colorful dishes and talented culinary professionals.

Click here to view the live site.


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The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business
The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business