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HOME—Inspirations for Home and Life by VIE

The Idea Boutique, publisher of the national luxury lifestyle magazine VIE, proudly announced in late-2020 that the brand’s first coffee-table book, HOME—Inspirations for Home and Life byVIE is available online and in select retailers. Since 2008, VIE magazine has been committed to telling “Stories with Heart and Soul.” The mission of founders Lisa and Gerald Burwell began in the geographical region between Apalachicola to Pensacola, Florida, which they affectionately named COLA 2 COLA®. The regional lifestyle magazine headquartered in Grayton Beach grew from a quarterly to a monthly publication. It’s reach has expanded to include the whole United States and a robust online presence at VIEmagazine.com, but the area that its team calls home is still dear to the hearts of VIE’s creators and readers alike.

The genesis of the legacy coffee-table book HOME—Inspirations for Home and Life was a desire to write a love letter to the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast and the people who make it beautiful. Architects, interior designers, artisans, and chefs make their indelible marks on the area and all who visit it. A blend of Southern hospitality, an easygoing beach mentality, and sophisticated taste has made this a truly unique slice of paradise.

The Idea Boutique worked for over a year outlining and refining the book’s contents, planning and executing photo shoots, researching, writing stories, gathering photography, working with the local businesses who are included, and laying out the 232-page volume—the first in a planned series of VIE luxury coffee-table books. HOME by VIE also provided the opportunity to expand the publishing arm of The Idea Boutique, and we look forward to working with others on their books as well.

Visit VIEmagazine.com/shop-vie to order a copy of HOME by VIE or contact info@viemagazine.com for a list of select retailers.


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The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business
The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business