The Idea Boutique’s mission when creating a newly branded suite of products, Shero, was to lead with a female-centric nutrition bar that embodies the ethos of the women’s empowerment movement and cultural shift we see today. Women today demand to be heard and to no longer live life by a set of old mores and accepted values. This shift has many iterations, including the women’s marches around the country, hearings in the Senate, and the dethroning of Hollywood elite and countless others in the television and entertainment industry as well as the political arena. The current flood of colloquialisms like Girl Boss, Boss Babe, Girl Power, and so on have permeated social marketing channels, and this is all part of the new rise of the feminism movement. Shero’s brand mission and language intend to empower women in health, fitness, business, and life.

Even the name Shero comes from “She” and “Hero,” immediately letting the audience know this is a brand for strong females. During our branding explorations and creative charrettes, The Idea Boutique team knew the Shero Bar for women needed to relate to today’s social climate as well as stand out among so many other products on the shelves. We created a concept that will not only sell the product but also gain fans and build momentum thanks to its empowering and positive statements. Buying this product and its brand offshoots will make women feel empowered, lifted, edified, inspired, and strong. That is a lot of extra ingredients to mix into healthy and delicious recipes!


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The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business
The Idea Boutique | Celebrating 27 in Business