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VIE Speaks Podcast – Season 2

VIE Speaks is a podcast hosted by the Founder and Editor-in-chief of VIE, Lisa Marie Burwell, highlighting conversations with heart and soul. Coming up on its second season, this dynamic layer of the VIE brand has given audiences a chance to connect with trailblazing celebrities and local changemakers alike. Burwell’s intuitive and soothing interview style allows guests to open up and share their stories in an unhurried and candid conversational tone that always leaves guests with a new insight. Some special guests we have hosted include Christian Siriano, Julian Lennon, Ashley Longshore, Brian Kelley, Robert Davis, and Dave Rauschkolb. Additionally, Burwell acknowledges that one does not need to be a celebrity or intellectual to have something important to say, which is why the platform often features less-known thought leaders with equally as compelling stories.
The behind-the-scenes production process for VIE Speaks is entirely in-house. The production includes shooting videos of all the podcast episodes to allow listeners to watch these stimulating conversations in video format. The studio is in the VIE office, which features consistent visual branding through the signature black and hot-pink color blocking. On the technical side, we equip the space with the highest quality studio-grade lighting and sound systems. In post-production, the videos and sound bits are optimized for viewing and listening through editing and enhancement. Following these steps, the podcast is populated on the VIE Speaks channels on Spotify, Itunes, Sound Cloud, AudioBoom, or wherever one listens to podcasts. While the video portion is available for viewing on Youtube or VIE Speaks Instagram @viespeaks. Followers of VIE Speaks on Instagram can regularly enjoy resonant quotes from the episodes and noteworthy video outtakes, which they can easily share amongst friends.
The brand is easy to spot thanks to its bold logo, which highlights the iconic VIE logo embellished with a hot pink speech bubble holding the word “speaks.” The color choices of black and hot pink mirror the VIESpeaks brand, which strives to bring meaningful conversations and still have fun along the way. VIESpeaks is regularly advertised in VIE Magazine and promoted across VIE and The Idea Boutique’s social media channels.




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