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87 Central, 87 Central Square, Chef Jim Shirley

87 Central Square

Chic, sophisticated, architectural, and hospitable, the new plaza dining and entertainment experience at 87 Central Square provides a much-needed escape for adult visitors in Seaside and for the local community at large. In creating a new gathering spot that is perfect for events as well as everyday dining and wine, beer, and cocktails, this new destination by Chef Jim Shirley fills a niche for an outdoor casual venue with award-winning food and one of the most robust wine lists on 30A. As such, the logo and branding reflect a high-end, metropolitan experience with the unique ethos of Seaside’s New Urbanist roots.

Like the town, the logo embodies simple elegance. The semicircle circle around the visually interesting “87” can be seen as a “C” for Central but also plays on the architectural facade of the new space, as well as the larger semicircle of Central Square itself.

The tagline “In Vino Veritas” means “In wine, there is truth.” This well-known saying makes for a fun visual addition to the logo and branding while also immediately communicating to visitors that this is a destination for wine lovers. We believe it will also serve as a great base for merchandise, social media, and other branding opportunities.

The logo is easy to change up for different applications both in print, on-site, and online. It is designed with various lockups to be used horizontally or stacked. There is also the option of removing taglines or changing the location of taglines in other ways for certain product applications. This versatility is great for staying fresh and applying the brand across multiple platforms while maintaining continuity for optimal brand awareness.

We believe this brand is a modern, sophisticated, and simple yet appealing approach to a neighborhood wine bar and biergarten destination along the Gulf Coast.


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