Mexico Beach – LOVE Campaign

As the Agency of Record for the Mexico Beach CDC for six years, we understood that methodical and steady growth was the mandate for this small beach town while protecting the spirit and natural surroundings of this organic and unmarred destination on the Gulf of Mexico. We did not want to bring tourism to the town if it changed the very essence of the place. This type of growth took a steady hand and expertise.

The goal of this campaign was to remind people of all the things they love about a day at the beach and to show them that they can still find that simple Old Florida way of life in Mexico Beach. Our target audience is broad but includes repeat customers and emerging markets as well as the solidified feeder markets in the Southeast drive markets and Canada. The Love Mexico Beach campaign targets demographics from It’s about family and friends and spending time with people, not technology. We’re getting back to the good life and the most important thing of all—Love. It became even more poignant when Mexico Beach was devastated by Hurricane Michael in 2018. “Love Mexico Beach” became a rallying cry for locals as well as visitors who had loyally enjoyed their shores for decades.

Keeping in the theme of the Love campaign, we put together a shot list for the new Mexico Beach commercial and campaign photos based on all the things people love about a day at the beach: waking up to the surf, watching the fishing boats leave for the day and the pelicans taking flight, fishing, playing on the beach, swimming and playing in the Gulf of Mexico, taking a walk along the sand, getting ready for dinner, playing board games, preparing fresh seafood, then heading back out to the beach to look for shells and enjoy the sunset. The day ends with a scenic drive as the sun sets over the coast. The photos and videos from an extensive two-day photo shoot based on the list above were used for everything from print and online advertising to television commercials, social media, website, blogging, and editorial content. The accompanying hashtag, #LoveMexicoBeach, became a way to share the campaign and all these unforgettable moments with the world through social media and to encourage them to share their memories with their followers.

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View more videos of Mexico Beach here!

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